Departments A-E Audiology

Audiology is a discipline that deals with problems of hearing and balance.Audiologists of MedAmerican Medical Center provide children, adults and elderly people with audiologic testing and evaluation.

Our primary areas of focus are evaluation of hearing system and diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing loss in relevant age groups.We make decision on requirement of hearing aid and we educate patients on hearing, if necessary.

In addition, we collaborate with Otorhinolaryngologists in the evaluation of patients presenting with dizziness and balance disorder.


Which specialties does your department cover?

Audiologic complaints form the area of specialties in our unit.

What are the complaints that your department directly deal with?

We directly deal with all complaints that affect the hearing system.

What are principal areas of clinical focus in your unit?


Which procedures and tests are performed in your department?

Tests used for audiologic evaluation of children:


Audiological evaluations for adults: