Guest Book Before Your Stay



As the first step of your visit, we strongly advise you to get in touch with our International Patient Program coordinators to schedule an appointment or to clarify any of your concerns regarding your visit.

You can contact our department via email at or call +90 212 311 2020

Please bring the following documentation with you when you visit our hospitals;

·          Your passport or national ID card

·          If requested, medical information and X-Rays supplied by your home physician

·          If requested, a list of your current medications and dietary supplements

·          If applicable, your insurance information

From initial inquires, questions and concerns about medical treatment we are here to serve you during all phases of your care. In order to ease the process of having a treatment in a foreign country, our support program begins before your stay to ensure you are fully informed about our facility.

Prior to your visit, our International Patient Programs Department will be responsible for providing projected treatment plans, cost estimates, assisting in appointment scheduling, interpretation services, transportation, lodging and assist in insurance verification process to advise patients on additional applicable fees and/or financial costs. While some cases require physician consultation to determine costs, in most cases estimates of the final bill will be provided to patients prior to treatment. All of our physicians are unique and valuable within their own field. International inquiries for treatment are assessed by a multi-disciplinary team.

Physicians are selected for each case by the Chief of the American Hospital. 

To obtain a pre-assessment about your treatment, we require the following:

·          Medical reports, X-rays/CT Scans/MRIs, pathology slides/ reports, discharge summary

·          Current condition and/or complaint

·          Are you able to travel?

·          Do you have any prior illness we need to know about?

For inquiries, questions and/or concerns, please contact our department via email at or call


+90 212 311 2020.

Your inquiries will be examined within 24 hours.