IPP Integrated Patient Care

Integrated patient care, also referred as interdisciplinary health care, is the way we reach our patients in a coordinated manner through collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals.

Our interdisciplinary healthcare team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, therapists, and other caregivers forms a transparent circle around the patient to enable uninterrupted flow of care where every person involved speaks the same language and is aware of the state of each patient’s treatment.


•We coordinate your care with teams around you,

•We provide you with fast access to all our services to allow continuity of care,

•We encourage you to be involved in the decision making of your treatment plan and immediately inform you of any necessary changes regarding the next steps,

•We deliver clear and coherent explanations regarding your condition and what to expect in the future,

•We assure that you are treated with respect and compassion,

•You will be discharged by receiving a complete and detailed plan about all the changes that you might experience in your life in the after treatment period,

•We enable transparent and mutual communication channels between our caregivers and you.